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James Bond Canada has a lot of great items in its’ Memorabilia Collection. Since 2019 marks the 50TH Anniversary of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, we’ve decided to highlight this one. The Memo is a fascinating read. One of our Best pieces of Bond Memorabilia. The Memo Players are in Bold below.

The Memo was written a little over 50 years ago and shows a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes, when you’re about to select a new 007. We’re certain a lot more of this will take place in the year ahead, leading up to Bond 25 in Feb. 2020. It will be Daniel Craig’s final outing as 007, and so again very soon EON will select another new James Bond.

The Memo is from Tom Carlile, (US Publicity Chief at United Artists) to John Leo (Sales Chief-Features at United Artists) . It was prepared by Evelyn Purcell (Tom Carlile’s Secretary). It shows that copies were also sent to Saul Cooper (Director of Publicity at United Artists) and Larry Kaplan (Unit Publicist at MGM). It talks about a meeting in London.Tom was once a staffer at Life Magazine and The Memo written in Jan.1968 recounts Tom’s Meeting with Cubby Broccoli, where he suggests that Life do an article on the search for the new 007. The Memo shows that Cubby suggests that Loomis Dean (Life Magazine Photographer) sit in on the interviews and Jim Hicks ( London Bureau Chief Life Magazine) would write the piece.

Later that year, the idea on paper had become a reality. It appeared in the Oct. 11, 1968 Issue of Life Magazine. James Bond Canada is lucky to have a copy of the Oct. 1968 Issue. The new 007 himself was nice enough to sign it for us. The pairing of The Memo and the Magazine together, with the extra Bonus of George Lazenby ‘s Autograph makes this set one of our favourites.

OCT.11 1968 Life Magazine