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The Premiere of a James Bond Movie is always an exciting time.  In 2015 JBC was in attendance for the Royal Premiere of SPECTRE in London.  The 007 Red Carpet is an incredible event that few get to experience.  JBC decided it was time to talk to Canada’s youngest James Bond Expert, 8 year old Britton Walker from Calgary, who was lucky enough to attend the SPECTRE Premiere in Mexico City.

Britton has become a Youtube sensation after his appearances on the ELLEN Show. She sent him to Mexico City to report live from the Red Carpet with all of the stars. Click on the  Link to see Britton’s Debut on The Ellen Show, and check out the Video  below for Britton’s report from Mexico City.

Check out our Q & A  with Britton:

JBC:  Who is your favourite character in SPECTRE, other than Bond? Is it Q, Moneypenny or M?

BRITTON:  Q, because he was funny and awesome.

JBC: What is your favourite James Bond Film starring Sean Connery??

BRITTON:  GOLDFINGER. It had the introduction of the DB5, Oddjob was cool and Bond had really cool gizmos.   (NOTE:  We agree with Britton on this 100%.  Great choice Britton!!)

JBC: Which is the worst James Bond Movie?


JBC: If they decided to shoot James Bond Movie in Canada, where do you think would be a cool city or place in Canada to film a Bond Movie??

BRITTON:  Canada Olympic Park (Calgary) because it could have skiing.  Another one could be Niagara Falls, because they could do a boat chase at the falls.  The last one they should do is the castle in Banff.

JBC: Tell us about your best moment/memory from the SPECTRE Premiere in Mexico City?

BRITTON:  Meeting my Hero Daniel Craig!!

JBC:  What do you think would be a good title for Bond 25?

BRITTON: Britton Saves The Day

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