On May 23, 2017 Actor Sir Roger Moore passed away.  Moore portrayed James Bond in 7 films from 1973-1985.  Tributes from around the world describe him as a selfless humanitarian, a consummate professional and a true English Gentlemen.  His work with UNICEF has prompted Tribute Screenings of The Spy Who Loved Me & For Your Eyes Only around the world courtesy of MGM, EON Productions and Park Circus.  Proceeds from the Screenings will be donated to UNICEF.  Click on the Link to Find a Screening near you.  Currently no Canadian Screenings have been scheduled. A private funeral for Sir Roger Moore will be held in Monaco.


The Annual Hot Docs Film Festival runs in Toronto from Apr.27th-May 7th and James Bond Fans in the GTA will be thrilled to learn that Becoming Bond is among the Films being Screened.

This Documentary/Narrative hybrid on the life of one-time James Bond actor George Lazenby is sure to be a big draw. The film will screen on May 3rd, 4th & 5th.  The Opening Night Show will include a Pre-Screening Cocktail Party at trendy Attico.  Click on  Becoming Bond  get your Tickets before they’re all gone. Click on the Photo to Watch The Trailer.  JBC will be on hand to share in all the 007 Fun!!


The Stars on Stage
The Stars on Stage

It was July 2016 when our Associate Editor-Jeff found himself in Toronto for a real estate event, dining with his fiancée and friends at The Albany Club.   James Bond Magasinet (Norway) had sent him a message inviting James Bond Canada to Oslo to watch On Her Majesty’s Secret Service with 007 George Lazenby.   He looked at his friends… “How about taking my bachelor party a 007 event in Oslo?”  As they clinked martini’s the idea was born and the adventure began!

Stars on The Red Carpet
Stars on The Red Carpet

Fast forward to Oslo September 31st!!  Bond Fans from all around the world came to Norway for the action.  Joining JBC was Marcos Kontze (James Bond Brazil) ,  Remmert Van Bramm (James Bond Lifestyle) ,  Ben Williams (MI6) , Matt Spaiser (The Suits of James Bond), & Stephan Backman (James Bond The Secret Agent Blog).

George Lazenby w/ Jeff & Friends
George Lazenby w/ Jeff & Friends

The first evening had us dinning at the glamorous Thief Hotel.  In attendance were, Caroline Munro (The Spy Who Loved Me), Martine Beswick (From Russia With Love and Thunderball), Maryam D’Abo (The Living Daylights) Serena Scott Thomas (The World Is Not Enough) and the man himself George Lazenby (OHMSS).

The Stars Arrive by Boat
The Stars Arrive by Boat

At the Press Conference The 007 Alumni arrived by boat to the Thief Hotel.  The Aston Martin DBS and the Bond Stars posed for photos. 

The Stars w/ The Aston Martin
The Stars w/ The Aston Martin

James Bond Canada had the chance to speak with the stars.  George Lazenby spoke of how, with confidence, he tricked his way into the Bond role by running past the casting secretary and right into the role of 007.  He had this hair cut like Sean, wore a Rolex and an Anthony Sinclair suit saying, “I heard you’re looking for James Bond.”

George Lazenby
George Lazenby

Martine Beswick spoke about the class and charm of Terence Young, the director of both her Bond movies.  Serena Scott Thomas made comments that while she’s wrapped up in her daily life as a realtor and movie star she isn’t daily remembering that she was a Bond Girl. “I forget.  Truly yes I have to come to these events to be reminded.  That’s why it always delights me when I see you guys.”  Serena starred most recently in the movie was Inherent Vice.

Jeff w/ Serena Scott Thomas
Jeff w/ Serena Scott Thomas

Maryam D’Abo spoke about her book Bond Girls Are Forever to me and the strategic girls she chose to show how they shaped the 007 world, “I was going to concentrate on the role of women who marked their time.”  Recently, Maryam has produced her own documentary called Rupture where she talked about her own survival of a brain hemorrhage and visiting others in the hospital.  After chatting with her she was off to the spa to prepare for the up coming screening.

Jeff w/ Maryam D'Abo
Jeff w/ Maryam D’Abo

Caroline Munro spoke of her endearment for Roger Moore and how he leads to his jokes.  “He has such a clever quick way of setting it up.”  She spoke well of Gareth Owen who has been recently been helping Sir Roger with his book and his speaking engagements.  

 Kino Vika Theatre.  4K Presentation of OHMSS. 

$K Presentation of OHMSS-Kino Vika Theater
$K Presentation of OHMSS-Kino Vika Theater

The stars arrived on the Red Carpet and were greeted with a photo shoot with the Event Organizers. After introductions, Maryam D’Abo interviewed George Lazenby,  going over how he won the Bond role.

Maryam D'Abo Interviews George Lazenby
Maryam D’Abo Interviews George Lazenby

Interesting tidbit, Maryam tells a story of how her and Timothy Dalton almost missed the Royal Premiere of The Living Daylights as the police officer wouldn’t let the car come close to the Odeon.  “Timothy was arguing with the bobby, “Look I am the leading man I’m playing James Bond.”  And the bobby said, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard that before and you’re going to tell me now that you’re George Lazenby!” 

Jeff w/ George Lazenby looking pensive during his Interview
Jeff w/ George Lazenby looking pensive during his Interview

Transitioning George spoke of meeting Timothy in the Santa Monica Airport later where Timothy was excited to meet him after hearing so much about him from the 007 crew.  Maryam went on to say that being Bond or a Bond Girl puts you in a very short Exclusive Club.  After the screening of OHMSS guests grabbed champagne while listening to the 007 tunes of Scandinavian DJ Marianne.

 Special thanks to Morten Steingrimsen, Odd Kalsnes and Oyvind Asbjornsen for putting on such a fantastic event.

James Bond Will Return
James Bond Will Return

Sponsers included Schilthorn Piz Gloira, Sony, Anthony Sinclair, RivaNordisk Film Kino, Main Island, Elkjop, Aotoxo & PrivatMegleren.  


OHMSS & George Lazenby in OSLO September 1, 2016

JBOSLOAnother exciting 007 Event is fast approaching and James Bond Canada will be there to report on all the festivities. Our partners at James Bond Magasinet are hosting the one and only George Lazenby and a Special Screening of On Her Majestys Secret Service in Oslo, Norway on September 1st.   JBC will have some great interviews & photos to share with our Bond Fans following the Event, and maybe even a few prizes to giveaway.  More details coming soon!!


PHOTO CREDIT: Danielle Nerman CBC

The Premiere of a James Bond Movie is always an exciting time.  In 2015 JBC was in attendance for the Royal Premiere of SPECTRE in London.  The 007 Red Carpet is an incredible event that few get to experience.  JBC decided it was time to talk to Canada’s youngest James Bond Expert, 8 year old Britton Walker from Calgary, who was lucky enough to attend the SPECTRE Premiere in Mexico City.

Britton has become a Youtube sensation after his appearances on the ELLEN Show. She sent him to Mexico City to report live from the Red Carpet with all of the stars. Click on the  Link to see Britton’s Debut on The Ellen Show, and check out the Video  below for Britton’s report from Mexico City.

Check out our Q & A  with Britton:

JBC:  Who is your favourite character in SPECTRE, other than Bond? Is it Q, Moneypenny or M?

BRITTON:  Q, because he was funny and awesome.

JBC: What is your favourite James Bond Film starring Sean Connery??

BRITTON:  GOLDFINGER. It had the introduction of the DB5, Oddjob was cool and Bond had really cool gizmos.   (NOTE:  We agree with Britton on this 100%.  Great choice Britton!!)

JBC: Which is the worst James Bond Movie?


JBC: If they decided to shoot James Bond Movie in Canada, where do you think would be a cool city or place in Canada to film a Bond Movie??

BRITTON:  Canada Olympic Park (Calgary) because it could have skiing.  Another one could be Niagara Falls, because they could do a boat chase at the falls.  The last one they should do is the castle in Banff.

JBC: Tell us about your best moment/memory from the SPECTRE Premiere in Mexico City?

BRITTON:  Meeting my Hero Daniel Craig!!

JBC:  What do you think would be a good title for Bond 25?

BRITTON: Britton Saves The Day


Guy Hamilton, Director of 4 James Bond Films including some say the best 007 Adventure, Goldfinger (1964) has died at the age of 93. He also directed Connery’s final film as 007 Diamonds are Forever (1971) and worked with Roger Moore twice also on Live & Let Die (1973) and The Man with the Golden Gun (1974). Bond Producers Michael Wilson & Barbara Broccoli acknowledged his enormous contribution to the Bond Films.  Photo Credit: Terry O’Neill.  Click on the Image to Read more from The Guardian.


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